In prep for spring I placed an order a couple months ago for 15 plants to be delivered early April. We had a horrible winter this year in NH and still had over a foot of snow on the ground mid-March.

I decided to call Dimeo Farm and ask to have my shipment pushed back some. The woman I placed the order with answered the phone. I told her my situation and asked if I could push the shipment back. She asked when I asked for delivery.

I told her early April and she replied" well that's when you'll get your plants". I was basically in shock and figured maybe she didn't understand me correctly. So I started again, she interrupted me and said "YOU wanted them early April and that's when you'll get them". Now I started to argue and that's when the man pulled the phone out of her hand and told me I could have 10' of snow on the ground it wouldn't matter.

Put the bushes in peat moss and they'll be fine. Then he hung up. All I can say is I've never been treated like this and was in shock.

I have since received the bushes and put them in peat moss as instructed by this rude company. I can't complain about the bushes, they seem fine, I just hope they survive.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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South Burlington, Vermont, United States #1212800

I would be curious to know if your plants survived. I was fooled by this company and insulted by the owner.

While I don't like their business practices or how they treat their customers, I'm still curious if the plants made it?

I'm pretty sure I have no option other than accepting the plants so I thought I would ask. Thanks.


yahoo The Blueberry Heir this is about the owner of DiMeo fruit farms he is nothing but a scam artist, your plants if the make it i would be surpise since they cut most of the roots off. when your plants bare the blueberrys this summer the plant wont be able to surport it self with out a good root system hopeful they will make it

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