Coal Valley, Illinois
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I ordered 10 blueberry plants last year. When they arrived they looked like dead sticks. I called the company and they said that they sent me healthy plants. I planted them right then as per instructions. Now this late spring and ally

of the plants are dead brown sticks.

I called the company again to express my disappointment of the plants and the woman I was talking to hung up on me. I called again later and I talked to man and explained that I had 10 blueberry plants that failed to grow. He said to me "what do you want me to do about it?". Then he hung up. I was stunned. By the lack of courtesy to a customer.

My experience is that it is a bad company run by bad people.

Never do business with Di Meo Farms

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This is how DiMeo makes a living by being a *** artist he has stolen from his familiy for years and this is why no one in his familiy talks to him, he saids his plant business is a familiy business what a joke that is. He has only been in business since 2009 not 100 years and he is no expert in the blueberry field.

He laughs at all the fools who buys his plants and he will say people will belivie any thing he tells them, he tell you people what you want to hear. If you ask him for a plant name like jersey, blueray,bluecrop ,weymouth, etc. he will say yes we have them. The main plants he sells are mostly Duke.

They are the plants you will be getting. This is why he dont tag them. He works hard in ripping off the hard working people that buy his worthless plants and thats no joke. This man dont know what a hard day work is all about.

He just pays other people to do the work, then in return rips off the public. Dont buy from DiMeo He brags about being a millionair he dont need your money and he spends it 100 dollars for lunch.

Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States #822761

DiMeo farms should be find for fraud

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