This video shows the un boxing of DiMeo plants that were to be three to four feet tall. The man in the video order plants from DiMeo and was in shock that the size of the box was only 24 inches long.The plants inside when open the box look good but he didnt see were the plants were cut back to fit in the box like DiMeo had said to him when he called to ask.

Then he notice the root balls were small for the size of the plants like DiMeo said 3 to 4 years old they are. DiMeo rip apart the roots on the plants so they wouldnt cost a lot to ship but DiMeo charge high shipping to the buyer.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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The plants are not as advertised much smaller , this is fraud and why doesn't the state or government shut DiMeo down and fine him


DiMeo must of block this video so no one can see how bad his plants really are


The plants were not as advertise this is fraud by DiMeo as well as his organic claims the plants are not 3 year olds they only look like a year old plants this is also fraud by DiMeo this company is all fraud and I don't know why they are still in business their should be a class action law suit against this company and have it shut down


He for got to say they were surpose to be organic to and they were not Anthony DiMeo is one of the best *** people on the web right now.

to Anonymous #1025456

DiMEO Fruit Cake should be charge with fraud for not being up front with his advertisement on Facebook , the plants are to be 3 to.4 foot not 18 to 24 inches this is fraud like his organic plants


Hey DiMeo your plants suck and the people that like you on facebook should see the post on here on how you rip peopld off then you wont have that many likes any more you nerd . oh yea your policy protects you no refunds for plants DOA coward.


watch the video the plants were in pots first of all and the roots were riped apart second the plants are not 3 to 4 year old plants they look to me they are only 1 year old third the roots on the plants will not be enough to surport the plant and if the were 3 to 4 foot tall there are no cuts on them on the top of the plants and the plants when he was taking them out of the box seem like the leaves were already dry out even if they looked green very poor plants


why does DiMeo talk about non gmo in blueberry plants. Blueberry plants are not genetically modified in labs any way. This is very misleading unheard of DiMeo

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