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They were 3 weeks late sending plants and I had to call to check what was going on twice- so no customer communication. First I did not receive my full order.That did not matter to DiMeo Farm and I was told that was impossible.

For what would have been $118.80 in plants they charged me $79.95 shipping and handling. I was to receive individually wrapped plants in some sort of soil material but I did not. I got bare root plants in one 12x24x7 inch box all packed together with some plastic wrap around the lot and a few wet paper towels. The shipping cost on the box was only $23.90 I was told my shipping and handling was $47 and I brought to their attention that they actually charged me $79.95.

They refused to acknowledge my concern over the discrepancy and were unwilling to discuss this and they just kept reading a speech over and over and stated they were justified in charging whatever they want to charge. Refused to break down my billing and tell me how they came up with my cost.

I asked to speak to a manager or someone else who would quit reading speeches and try listening to the customer instead. She just started over with reading her script.

They do not take credit cards so you do not have the insurance of dispute through your payment method Total ROTTEN TOMATOES!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $60.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

I liked: Should be ashamed of themselves.

I didn't like: Rude and abnormal customer service.

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Dimeo is the Grinch of blueberry plants


DiMeo advertis organic and the state does nothing about it and he is not organic


DiMeo farms scams being for fall planting


DiMeo is corrupt like the Democratics and keeps getting away


DiMeo just likes to brag about being the best which he is the worst business person in the state


DiMeo place is Magical on yelp reviews and DiMeo will magically steal your money


DiMeo advertising organic PYO and he is not and getting away with it , then DiMeo calls the fire marshal in Trenton to get all the farmers in New Jersey in trouble with their labor camps no justice

to Anonymous #1547751

U make a pretty bol statement. Were the farmers guilty of wrong-doing?

to Jo #1567100

Fact check it

to Jo #1567250

I know what I’m talking about I will challenge you any time


DiMeo farms false advertisement organic PYO blueberry farm , he has no certification from the state just ask him and he will throw you out


DiMeo laughs at his customers as he makes fools of them as he rips them off


DiMeo farms is protected by the state Anthony is a whistle blower who turns businesses in if he thinks they are doing something wrong , DiMeo farms should had been shut down when he advertise organic which he wasn’t

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