I called to order some plants, they hung up on me twice.Told me I was high maintenance because I wanted a confirmation email regarding receiving of payment and shipment of blueberries.

After reading these other statements I am SOOO glad I hung up on them. Unbelievable!!!! So disappointing that people who could be nice are not. I asked one two many questions about the varieties.

The lady gave me to this guy and he then said we have lots of calls every day and your taking up time. Send us the money and you get your blueberries. WHOA!!!

Click!!!Have a nice day.

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DiMeo must have been spoil rotten as a kid and now he is a A-Hole on a Donkey


well he is very rude and he is wrost than a three year old when he is caught in a lie and then he hangs up on you mr fraud

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