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I find it hard to believe there are actually any satisfied customers from this company. Not only based on my personal experience but also after reading so many negative comments. Reading the negative comments written here in regards to doing business with DiMeo Farms is like reliving the horrible experience over and over again. There’s no doubt the man I spoke with has a serious problem and enjoys abusing customers. It is obvious there is a mental condition of some sort going on. Or he thoroughly receives pleasure from being down right mean. Most consumers take for granted they can ask a normal question in regards to the items they choose to purchase. You know, such as how much it will cost to ship X number of plants, or the age or type of plant you are looking to purchase. Well, do not expect anything to be normal when trying to do business with DiMeo Farms. The man running this operation is CRAZY! There must be some type of mental illness going on.

I am sure this company has made a dump truck load of money from doing business for many years. And they may actually prefer large orders over smaller ones. I can see where that would be more worth their time. However, they do not advertise minimum orders or that they only wholesale to the industry. DiMeo Farms markets their products as a “family run, open and friendly operation. Based on the comments listed here and my own personal experience, I venture to say; that everyone involved with this operation is living on “pins and needles” working with this obviously unstable man. This man has no control over his behavior. He’s rude beyond words. He’s condescending, cruel, racist, overbearing, dictating, and narcissistic. It’s actually scary to have a conversation with this person. I think most people are in shock when he begins yelling and accusing them of wasting his time. He’s got better things to do than answer any questions, and further more he’s so wealthy he really doesn’t want your money. He told me he prefers at least a $2,500 order. This may be his true feelings, but he can’t stop himself from throwing that out there immediately. His demeanor is so intimidating and condescending; you can’t even have a conversation with him. And he enjoys listening to himself so much; he prefers to give a lengthy lecture about anything other than actually completing the transaction you’re attempting.

I’m starting a small pick your own farm and needed 280 – 3 year plants. (Such as those seen on their website) It wasn’t easy or comfortable to get a written quote however; someone actually sent me an invoice via email the next day. The shipping costs were almost $2000 for 280 plants. This seemed high, so I had plans to rent a truck and make the trip myself. No problem. My farm project was scheduled to begin later in the year so I decided to purchase 15 – 3 year old plants sooner. I made these plans with a woman over the phone before I ever spoke with this horrible over bearing man. No one mentioned any problem with this transaction. So, I mailed $150 to DiMeo Farms, and after the checks cleared and I was ready to receive my 15 plants. I called to ask what the shipping would be for the 15 plants, and spoke with the rudest human being on the planet. Needless to say he was beside himself because I dared to send $150 without the shipping costs already included. Trust me, I surely wish I hadn’t. I wish I had never heard of DiMeo Farms much less sent money or made plans to start my farm using their products.

I doubt I will ever see my $150 again. I doubt I will receive any plants. And if he does send any plants I doubt they will be the beautiful 3’ to 4’ healthy plants I saw on the website.

I’m torn as to what to do. I can try writing them via email and request my money back or allow me to pay for shipping. It doesn’t look good no matter what I do. Spending more is not a good idea.

I wish I had read the negative comments before I fell into the DiMeo trap. Their website is very attractive and fills your eyes with beautiful dreams of growing your own blueberries. Perhaps the person who started DiMeo Farms many years ago enjoyed farming. I don’t know. However, the person running it now is a BAD person. He’s either sick, mentally ill or he is just the devil himself. He hates what he does and finds pleasure in upsetting others, and causing their lives to be completely disrupted. Doing business with this man is almost guaranteed to be one experience you’ll never forget.

There are lots of honest people growing and selling blueberries out there. I was mesmerized by their website and by passed others to get to the blueberries grown in New Jersey. I am impressed mostly by the power this company has achieved using you tube videos. All I can say it is NOT what you think it will be. I feel sorry for people working on this farm. I’d recommend looking for another source for your blueberry plants and do not let their self promoting website and videos blind you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Dimeo Farms Plant.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $150.

I didn't like: Rude and abnormal customer service.

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Huntington, New York, United States #971319

The man on the phone is the same one as on the web site. Totally unprofessional down right Nasty !

The girl on the phone over charged me when I asked her about the breakdown, she snapped at me and said " Just do the math !" The plants were only 2 ft. high nothing like in the pictures !

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