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Yes,, he lie to a six year old girl name Lola,,,she had six months of cancer treatments,,both of her parents took an early retirement to spend time with her,she wanted to pick organic blueberries, so her parents took her DiMeo fruit farms, he advertise organic,so he saids he is.The fact is he is not,, any one who would call Erick Bremer from the department of agriculture of new jersey will tell you he is not organic,,i call and found out the truth,,yes i"m shock to found this out.

Anthonys pick your own is conentional only. This man who would lie to a six year old who went for six months of cancer treatments, is cold hearted to say the least. I seen this pic in DiMeo fruit farms on facebook this was back in 2013, so Lola would be 8 years old today.

Erick phone no.609-633-1738 you can ask him.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss not as described of organic blueberries. Dimeo Farms needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Blueberry heir pray on the weak like this sweet little girl that he lie to by saying his farm was organic DiMeo you are pathetic

to Anonymous Hagerstown, Maryland, United States #1339990

can't anybody stop these people????

Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States #1259614

This is his character will lie to a six year old for a few dollars and then he brags he makes millions and don't waste his time

Baltimore, Maryland, United States #1249906

DiMeo is fake like his BS web site


Dimeo act like he care for this young girl he is a disgrace of an owner for his fraud in organic claims I would like to have a talk with this dimeo creep low life


The parents of this little girl should sue DiMeo for his fraud in being organic when he knew he wasn't


Since he got busted for not being organic and had to take his signs down at his place of business, he advertise pesticides free plants really you can't be trusted DiMeo


DiMeo was born a low life and he will die as a low life


This is why he is so hated in our town of Hammonton


Hey NOP where is your enforcement on this business you should shut it down, what more proof do you need he advertise knowingly he wasn't.

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