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I am a concern citizen about this fraud DiMeo fruit fams is advertising about being organic. I found a picture of one of his pints and his label on it.

The web site about his business is all about being organic and non GMO and then the label on his pint is with out organic on it. So one has to think to them selves is he really in compliance and if not how does he get away with this.

The USDA should investigate this company, this is maybe why he dont have organic on his labels. The USDA would ask him for his certification of being organic.

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Absolutely incomprehensible gibberish


Anonymous here is a bitter vengeful person. My plants were beautiful.


Well we know why DiMeo didn't advertise organic on his pint label he got busted in his organic fraud and its about time


so what you are sayin its ok to be organic even if your not just to sell your product


Claiming something is organic is not the same as being USDA organic certified. The USDA has a process of certification and is not a requirement to claim produce is organically grown.

Also, GMO labeling is not required in the USA, unfortunately.


I think Not only USDA, IRS need to investigate this crooks.

I had to pay cash to pick up a few trees, They did not except CC.

This is a big sign that they cheat the US government by paying fair tax.

to Adam Huntington, New York, United States #971770

Hello Adam,

Did the plants look like the ones on the web site ?

Did you have to make an appointment to pick them up ?

thank you


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