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The so-called "policy" this company has written on their site is a SCAM! It states that they can ship you whatever plants they choose upon receipt of your money, so what happens is...

when they get your money they cash the check and go on with their life, since they have "supposedly" alleviated themselves of the responsibility to fulfill written/paid orders. Don't believe me, then read it... it is hidden under the side tab "privacy policy". The owner is a personally offensive, young, and rude man.

NOTICE HE IS ON THE INTERNET FREQUENTLY POSTING, IN AN ATTEMPT TO HIDE THE BAD REVIEWS. Also, The web sites that host as review forums should not allow the company owners' voice to be more heard than the consumers, by placing their posts above the consumers'.

THIS COMPANY IS TERRIBLE! Take your business elsewhere!

Review about: Dimeo Farms Owner.

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Di Meo fruit farm is the worst company I ever dealt with. I wonder if their plants are really organic and non GMO.

If anyone could figure that out please do. I would love to find out. Also the person answering the phone was extremely rude and did not care to keep you as a customer.He accused me of cursing and harassment when I called back to speak to the owner.

Maybe he was the owner.I was shocked until I read a ton of negative reviews.Dave Garden, a great website) has 3 paged of negative reviews. Read them, they are shocking.

to Jean #805505

He is not organic certified ,,i dont see it in his web site.He just says organic not thing else.

to Jean #1119780

Well Jean they were never organic certified from the state or government DiMeo only made organic claims to boost his plant sales which made him millions as he claims


this is the first product review I have ever written, but i believe it is needed. do not buy from this company.

They lie and say you get 4' tall plants when some were 18 inches. They charge a ton for shipping. The owner sounds like a *** on the phone. he even introduced himself as Mr.

dimeo. Who does that?

Get plants from somewhere else. I wish i read the reviews on this place first!


Products shipped are NOT as advertised. Their "$10 ultra-premium 4' foot large blueberry plants" are spindly little 2' tall plants. Customer service states they are cut down to help with transplantation, but there were no fresh cuts in these plants that were hand dug "only hours before shipping".

Expect bare-root plants even though they charge heavy shipping & handling fees and infer that plants will come potted. They don't label varieties, so you won't know what varieties they shipped or if it is actually a mix of three varieties like they tell you.

There are also no guarantees they will grow like most sellers make.

Unfortunately, you have to find out all of this on the sheet they send with the plants. Don't ask customer service for help. They'll tell you all of this information is on their "policy" web page. Actually its on their "privacy policy" web page. I'm not sure what these details about the plants have to do with a privacy policy, other than they would like to keep it private.

Baltimore, Maryland, United States #1119726

DiMeo been a fraud since 2009 when he started and now and all these years that past he stole hundred of thousands of dollars from hard working people and the state and government allow him to do so even with all the complaints of hundreds of people and with all the cash sales he has the IRS should look into this company for tax invasion

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