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On 6/26/16 I went to DiMeo Farms to pick blueberries at $1.66/pint. This was my first and LAST time at this farm. I pick a LOTof berries at one time, (4-6 flats) and usually go to the pine barrens (North Branch Blueberries and others). I met Anthony DiMeo at his shed (the families old corn bin) and had a nice chat. He seemed like a good and honest man. I usually check the fields of places I go to see how heavily the plants are loaded before I start picking. Though all only take cash, none require it UP FRONT...clearly a RED FLAG. Tony told me his fields were LOADED with berries and I should have no trouble filling my flats. I gave him $60 and he gave me seven 1-pint containers, telling me to come back for more when I filled them up. To say his fields were were picked clean is an understatement and I spent from 1p-3p yielding just 6.25 pints. At North Branch I easily fill 2 flats in an hour. The few berries I got were nice but it was certainly not 4-flats worth. I told Tony I had picked enough at his farm and expected to be refunded at least a portion of the $60 cash I gave him. He quickly told me his website says no refunds and I told him I didn't want a refund for the berries I picked, just the balance of my $60. At $1.66/pint I should have paid just $11.62, I even said give me $40 back and he refused. I told him if he were honest he wouldn't have taken $60 from me up-front, he could have just told me to try and pick the minimum first and then buy more if I was satisfied. He insisted his fields were 'loaded' with berries but he knew they were picked clean. I passed fields on the way to his farm that were loaded with berries. He said I could stay and continue to pick but I was so disgusted that I left. I wasn't looking to get something for nothing but I honestly expected him to just charge me for the berries I had picked. At $60, I wound up paying $9.60/pint. This was a rip off plan and simple. I'm embarrassed that I trusted him in the first place.

I don't expect something for nothing. However, if Tony were an honest businessman he would have simply charged me for the berries I picked and/or the minimum charge. I would have been satisfied with that as a fair transaction. But he kept it ALL and insisted that his website says NO REFUNDS. I don't care what he may say, he knew I was not going to get $60 worth of blueberries and he just stole my money. Again, I've picked blueberries for years in NJ and NEVER had a problem with ANY farm. Shame on me for trusting him and giving him $60 up-front, shame on him for stealing the balance of what I didn't pick...because looking for berries on his plants was harder than an Easter Egg Hunt. It wouldn't have been hard for him to show some basic customer services but it seems he has little regard for customer service. I was willing to pay him $20 ($3.20/pint) and walk away satisfied though embarrassed. He stole $60 from me, plan and simple.

Take a look at my picture of what $60 worth of blueberries looks like. They are good but hard to find so expect to spend a few days there if you want to get $60 worth.

If you want to spend a few hours with the family stomping around a field to pick a few blueberries just for the fun of it go ahead. But if you want to actually pick blueberries go somewhere else.


Product or Service Mentioned: Dimeo Farms Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $40.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Verbally abusive language, Poor customer service.

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DiMeo is as fake as CNN news can't be trusted


It's cheaper to buy from supermarket then DiMeos pick your own


The state should investigate DiMeo farms with his advertising it's very misleading

Cherry Hill, New Jersey, United States #1272752

That's the blueberry heir who over charges his customers and the state and government allow him to get away with it and you are not alone with his fraud

Baltimore, Maryland, United States #1180026

Dimeo takes money up front is because he has not many berrys in the field to pick another scam from the blueberry heir

Baltimore, Maryland, United States #1179655

Watch out people don't insult DiMeo or he will sue you like he try to with Tucker Max the bad boy on the web DiMeo is the blueberry heir who had a New Year's Eve party that went bad when he was a PR , so people he will have his lawery sent you a letter to you

Baltimore, Maryland, United States #1179647

You people go to pick your own just donate to DiMeo farms who is a millionaire and just leave so he can make another million its owe to him any way you won't found any berrys on the plants

Baltimore, Maryland, United States #1179344

All the reviews on this site are all 100% true about DiMeo farms

Owings Mills, Maryland, United States #1179181

Make a complaint with the state he advertise a 1.66 a pint , he don't advertise you paid first and report him to the IRS for cash sales only he needs to be put in place.

Owings Mills, Maryland, United States #1179176

If you like to be rip off DiMeo Fruit Farms the place to go have a great day people while you are being taken with a smile. Lol

Owings Mills, Maryland, United States #1179171

At least he don't advertise as organic pick your own anymore , just like he lie to a six year old girl who wanted organic blueberries since she just finish her treatments with kemo for cancer talk about being low.

Gloucester City, New Jersey, United States #1179067

The state and government should had close this place down for DiMeos organic fraud for six years and plants not as advertise so he keeps ripping off customers

Baltimore, Maryland, United States #1178818

Who gets money up front for an u-pick farm at the end you pay for the pounds u pick that's Dork DiMeo , go buy berries at the market you won't be rip off there

Shelburne, Vermont, United States #1178659

If he told you the shed was an old family corn bin, that's a lie. He recently moved to that property its not a family property.

This farm is run by Anthony Dimeo III. Tony was a deceased relative and he doesn't speak to the rest of his family.

to Anonymous #1278104

That corn crib was from a cousin of his not his grand father and now his cousin don't talk to him any more

Trenton, New Jersey, United States #1178372

Thanks for this post. I will avoid DiMeo Farms!!

No one likes a dishonest rip-off merchant!! Shame on scam artist DiMeo Farms!!!

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