Rude - arrogant. Save yourself a bunch of trouble and find someone else to order from.

They won't care - the guy on the phone today told me he was happy to cancel my order because they are a "mulit-million dollar business" and don't need my money anyway. So - go find a nice, up-and-coming blueberry nursery with people who won't yell at you on the phone when you call with a question. Oh, and the most beautiful thing of all is that he called me unpleasant when I spoke up about being treated so rudely.

Ugh. Run, people, run!

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Never ever deal with arrogant, pompous dimeo farms.....guy told me they are multi million dollar company and didn't need my $50....he spends that on breakfast .....I will never refer my huge list of clients to him AND he will never earn a single penny from me. DO NOT do business with them. HE is a very pompous, degrading person.

to Upset #695899

Di Meo fruit farm. I just had the same experience today.

I was accused of using foul language,which I don't and harassment, only because I called and asked to speak to the owner after some person on the phone was rude. My question is since they are so arrogant, are their plants really organic and non GMO.

to Jean #753331

He brags a lot and very rude i think he is a fruad 100 percent

to Jean #1119266

DiMeo is 100% organic fraud and got away with it

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