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i only wish i had read these before placing my order with DiMeo Farms in hammonton NJ. I have the same complaints as everyone else posting on the site above. I was charged $93 for shipping of 105 blueberry plants - Actual shipping cost was $11.89. 3 y/o Plants NOT 4' tall - 1.5' - 2' max. 20% were dead on arrival. see link below for photo. No markings of which are early, late blooming. A total Waste of $$.

here's the 12" tall, dead blueberry plants they ship;

Monetary Loss: $350.

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Nottingham, Maryland, United States #1349795

My monetary loss was not as great but experienced similar problems with this company. The form sent with the plants says "as soon as the plant leaves the farm it is your responsibility "

But what about while it's being shipped and the responsibility of the farm to give the size promised and healthy plants who had not had their roots ripped off?

And proper packaging for shipment? Also cheating people out of money for shipping?

Three out of five of ours were pretty much dead on arrival too. What a shame!


WARNING... DO NOT buy from Dimeo rip offs farm, they charged me 319.00 for shipping and when it arrived it was 34.80, I was told the plants were 3-4 feet tall....they were between 10-14"!!!!!!



The fraud continues with DiMeo of the size of plants and the state still choose to do nothing to shut down this business


Need to blame the state and government for DiMeo fraud they give a free pass for him to rip off the people

Marlton, New Jersey, United States #799905

Wow. One look at that photo and I am soooooooo glad I did not place my order with this company.

I am sooo glad I checked reviews first.

I dodged a bullet. It seems clear they have no idea how to ship plants.

Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States #752256

This DiMeo person making a lot of money off of good people who fell in a trap of his trust on the web page. He tells the people what they want to hear them when he gets their checks and cash them he sends any thing he has in stock wheather they one or two year old plants.

Then he tells them it is in his policy he can do what he wants to. This is just wrong

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