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Never have I had such a terrible experience than at DiMeo Farms. This place is a total scam. Anthony DiMeo III is a certifiable narcissist who is completely unstable. He lures people to his "family farm" with his wonderful website. Then upon arriving at this farm, he hides in his "bunker" barn and yells at you from his window telling you that you are too *** to buy blueberries if you have to ask any questions about his blueberries. He accuses you of not being a real customer, that you are trying to "trap" him in a scam, that you are a scam artist, that you aren't really there to buy blueberries. He will freak out on you if you have a cell phone in your hand in fear that you are videotaping him, yet he will tell you up front that YOU are being videotaped. He will tell you to keep your money and leave, that he doesn't want to sell to you. He doesn't care if you drove 1, 2, 3, 4 hours one way to his farm to buy his blueberries. He will call the cops on you. The cops are very much aware of this guy. This guy is notorious for this kind of behavior and they roll their eyes and laugh at his behavior.

I made the mistake of giving this place the benefit of the doubt and spent more than 1/2 a day driving there only to be verbally abused and terrorized by this person. I have never in my life been witness, less be apart of such a situation.

It all boils down to this: Anthony DiMeo III has taken all the years and generations of hardwork and dedication that his father, grandfather, and great grandfather put into making DiMeo Farm a wonderful blueberry farm and bastardized it and thrown it away. He inherited the farm and has no interest in being a farmer. He wants the money and the name recognition. He wants fame and notarity by coronation, not by hardwork and reputation. He wants people to come to his farm hand over $$$ with no questions and leave. He will not answer any questions because that would require him to demonstrate some level of humanity and intelligence, of which he has neither. He will not give you a receipt. He does not label his blueberry bushes so you don't know what you are actually getting. And you better not ask him which one is which, he will call you *** and yell at you. He ships people dead twigs. Not to mention, any shipped orders have to be paid for by check via mail. Therefore, they take your money and send you garbage and you have no recourse to get your money back.

DiMeo Farms is a scam run by Anthony (Tony) DiMeo III, a narcissistic maniac.


Product or Service Mentioned: Dimeo Farms Owner.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $150.

Preferred solution: Make a public apology to me and all of the other customers that Anthony DiMeo III has abused and taken advantage of..

I didn't like: Lied about organic status, Will never ever do biz with dimeo, Unreasonable company policies, Verbally abusive language, Violent.

Company wrote 0 private or public responses to the review from Apr 07, 2016.
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I personally experienced this today. This is no exaggeration.

I do understand mental illness and do feel that Anthony DiMeo is not a stable man.

This should not be taken lightly. He is rude, racist, and completely unstable.


By the looks of this place it don't seem friendly


It's not his family's farm , it's just him


DiMeo the Dork on the web yes Anthony DiMeo llll you earned it the Dork award haha


DiMeo farms looks more like a prison camp and he is the Wharton in the bunker when I past by there


This review fits DiMeo to a tee well said


Who gave DiMeo the right to make organic claims and he has no seal from the state while others farmers earn the seal from the state or government , why DiMeo gets a free ride very unfair


Their needs to be enforcement by the state and government for an investigation on DiMeo , but they are scare of DiMeo lawyer this company is 200 % fraud


DiMeo that guy in a bar that had one to many and talks a lot of trash till you are feed up with it and you just clock him

to Anonymous #1141936

I would pay to see that!


This is not a family business farm Anthony started his business in 2009 at his aunts house and then she threw him out in 2010 that's how he ended up in Nesco now his father threw him off the farm in the late 90s from stealing on the farm so people this guy lies about everything on his web site and I don't know how he getting away with all of his fraud the state knows the and allows him to steal

to Anonymous #1141938

What a POS. People need to record and videotape everything when they go there and post it all over the internet.

What goes around, comes around. This guy is gonna suffer the wrath of some serious Karma.

to Anonymous #1547779

Wow u r crazy. His father and stepmother r the crazy ones.

He does not break the law, has a good product. A demented relative must have wrote this. I am his mother, and believe me, his relatives r crazy. His grandfather would be proud of him.

His father pushed him aside and is dishonest. Yup, I know all about this crazy family.

to Jo #1568020

Well you ran off with another man so you also push your son away and you are part of the problem

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